VIP Business offers Virtual Terminal as an online payment option for its valued customers.

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VIP Business offers several ways to accept online payments

Businesses that do not require a physical piece of hardware to receive payments from customers in person might benefit from using a virtual terminal. A virtual terminal is a web gateway protected by a strong password that enables companies to collect cardholder information and process payments over the phone or in person.

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Advantages of Virtual Terminal

You may accept payments using your virtual terminal from any location where you are signed in, which is an advantage. It is a convenient way to collect money for your workers since it is quick and simple to use, and you can have as many users as you wish. The acquirer often offers virtual terminals on their platform, however at VIP Business, our merchant platform already comes with a virtual terminal as standard. With no additional leasing fees, this not only saves the merchant money but also makes it incredibly simple for all of our merchants to take payments via a virtual terminal. Being a merchant or one of our white label payment partners can brand our virtual terminal payment page.


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