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Where business is concerned, book management plays an important role. This role becomes an even more crucial element in the overall running of your business when you are a non-profit organization. As a small business owner, you must keep a close watch on your expenditure which includes your energy bill.

To reduce your costs and ensure you are not paying far too much for your gas and electricity, you must secure an energy deal suited to your needs. You must only pay for what you use. You might be surprised to discover how easy it is to settle for a contract that leaves you out of pocket. VIP Business is here to alleviate this burden and take care of the delicate negotiation process but we also understand that it’s nice to have a little read in your own time.

The following provides some extremely essential details regarding corporate energy contracts.

The Agreement

An official contract between you and your energy provider is known as a business energy contract. Verbal agreements and written paper contracts are both acceptable forms of contracting.

Fixed-term agreements

Small companies can get rates per unit of gas and electricity consumed through fixed-term commercial energy contracts. This will be in addition to the required "daily standing." Both of these costs will stay constant for the life of your contract if you have a fixed-term agreement.



This is a popular option for small businesses since your expenses will stay the same as long as your use does. For the term of your contract, it enables you to forecast with accuracy. Another benefit is that you will not have to pay any out-of-contract fees, which vendors charge at high prices before you sign a contract. You will be shielded from market swings if you have a set pricing.


You risk being immediately switched to more costly out-of-contract rates or a fixed-term rollover contract if you don't negotiate a new contract within six months before the end of your current one. These two contracts have the potential to cost up to 2-3 times as much as fixed term rate contracts. VIP Business will work to keep your prices reasonable and may even assist you in lowering them by moving you to a better plan, but you must be mindful of the six-month restriction! VIP Business will call you before your contracts are up for renewal as part of our service to ensure you always avoid this pricey scenario and assist you in looking for more inexpensive alternatives. Your time will be freed up as a result, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial areas of your company.

Are you a Micro Business?

If your company has 50 employees or fewer, the European Union considers you a small business.

You must satisfy one of the following requirements to be considered a microbusiness.
Use no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity or 293,000 kWh of gas every year, and have no more than 10 workers. Your yearly turnover must be more than 2 million euros. We, at VIP Business, would be thrilled to hear from you. Get in contact with us and speak with one of our energy experts if you want to reduce the cost, time, and trouble of your utility bills.


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