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Insight on our Portable Card Machines

We are professionals at helping your company save money on portable card readers.
The mobile card reader is ideal for hospitality establishments, including bars, restaurants, and pubs. The terminal connects to that through Bluetooth and rests on a holster that is typically connected by Ethernet. The terminal is removed and taken to a customer to complete a transaction, and it is then put back on the base where it charges when not in use. Due to newly developed battery-holding technology, portable terminals appear to be being supplanted by mobile terminals in the present era. However, the portable is the one for you if you require a portable terminal that has a place to go when it is not in use.

Some amazing features of our Portable Card Machines

  • Accept credit card payments throughout your building
  • 100 meters maximum distance from the base station
  • Contactless payments
  • Typical uses for Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Excellent for the Hotel Industry
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Small and light in weight
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