Payby Link

Sending a secure link to a customer by text message or email allows them to view and pay a sum due at their convenience is known as a "pay by link."

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VIP Business offers several ways to accept online payments

The pay-by-link transaction is secured since the customer not only enters their card information but the link is also delivered to an email address or cell phone number they provide.
Typically, a virtual terminal is used to handle the pay-by-link payment. However, VIP Business Solutions supports PBL because of our very own merchant panel.

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VIP Business ensures the safety of its customer's information

Takeaways and restaurants use the pay-by-link to collect deposit payments for tables. Businesses that need to collect payments from customers to fulfill orders, or to gather extra or scheduled payments, should use the pay-by-link option.
In conclusion, pay-by-link is an excellent approach to request card payments from customers in a rapid, safe, and time-saving manner while maintaining your brand's prominence throughout the payment process.


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