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Making hotel financing easy

Depending on the requirements of your company and its size, we provide merchant cash advances for hotels and bed-and-breakfasts ranging from £10,000 to £300,000.
After your application is accepted, the complete financing amount will be sent in one lump payment into your business bank account, which you may use to expand, promote, or run your company.
To pay back your merchant cash advance, we will take a small, agreed upon percentage of your credit and debit card sales every month. There is no hidden APR or set monthly repayment for you to worry about. This way, you can use your money effectively to improve your business, with a percentage-based repayment scheme designed to help you focus on what’s important.

Following are a few instances of how hotel owners have utilized our cash advances:

  • working money
  • renovations and growth
  • strategies for marketing and advertising
  • profiting from franchising opportunities
  • enhancing hotel facilities, such as updating Wi-Fi and purchasing new TVs.

Our Cash Advances & Discount Benefits