All of these companies require a method for accepting payments online.

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VIP Business offers several ways to accept online payments

The world of e-commerce is booming now more than ever before. Over the past few years, it has been necessary for businesses to establish an online presence, and it has become mandatory for customers to check online first when they need a good or service.
VIP Business Solutions can assist you in navigating the difficult, quickly changing world of e-commerce to locate the ideal solution for your company. The acquirer you pick to assist you in accepting payments on your website will generally specify which payment gateway you need to discover for it to work with your website and shopping cart.

Functioning of E-commerce Gateway

The "Checkout" or "Pay Now" buttons will direct customers to an order form where they may enter their shipping information. A payment form will be shown next, where the customer will enter their credit or debit card information. Once the purchase is confirmed, our gateway will contact the customer's bank to check whether there is enough money in the account before pinging back to the payment gateway to confirm or decline the transaction. A confirmation email or receipt will then be sent once the purchase of the products is made.

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