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Validation & Management of Corporate Business Energy Bills

Your energy bills will be processed, audited, and certified accurately and quickly by our team of account managers. This will free up resources for your company to concentrate on other important business-related duties while saving time and money.

Resolution of Questions & Cost Recovery

Billing mistakes happen, and our team is qualified to analyze bills and identify these problems. Your account manager will be available to communicate with suppliers on your behalf in the event that you need to recover expenses as a result of billing errors or overpayments. This will enable any repayments to be processed swiftly and effectively.

Site Work

Vip Business provides customized "end to end" siteworks management for your company. Our committed siteworks team will assist you from provisioning to completion with services that vary from new meter installations for restored and newly constructed commercial buildings to the decommissioning of meters and supply connections.
By ensuring that your deadlines are fulfilled and expenses are kept under control throughout your project, our siteworks management services will prove to be a useful asset for your company's upcoming development.

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VIP Business provides a variety of metering solutions and meter audits that are specifically suited to the unique energy requirements of your company. This entails checking the related costs, like as kVA, to make sure the company isn't paying more than necessary.

Management of Accounts

As part of our energy management services, we are committed to assigning you a personal key account manager who will be responsible for managing your supplier relationship from contract lifecycle management (from procurement to renewal) to new term management. This will enable your company to reduce costs.

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