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Business Telecom fixed lines and data

Telephone communication is one of the most important parts of any organization. The effectiveness and dependability of this form of communication may have a major influence on your company.
We take pleasure in providing reliable call quality as part of an all-inclusive, end-to-end business calls and lines solution that includes cutting-edge equipment, affordable call rates, and superior account management.
VIP Business provides customized solutions that meet your company's needs. These include leased lines, ISDN to VoIP upgrades, multi line/multi site solutions, and single line and call configurations.

Communication on Mobile

We assess your present estate in order to evaluate whether it is still functional and identify areas where savings may be realized in the constantly evolving world of mobile communications.

We do this by employing a 5-step process:

STEP 1 -We review your existing billing and provide you a report on your actual consumption and user patterns. We thoroughly go through our results with you and provide analysis on whether your existing package still meets your needs.

STEP 2 -A thorough proposal is given based on your precise requirements, taking into account your future company ambitions and properly sizing all components, including minutes, texts, data, and roaming.

STEP 3 - A hardware fund is offered, which you are free to spend anyway you see fit (cash back, handsets, or a combination of the two). While we are pleased to supply top-of-the-line equipment for handsets, we often uncover more responsible, inexpensive options that fulfill the precise demand while resulting in considerable cost savings. We decide what will be necessary with your help.

STEP 4 - Cost management. We have the ability to implement stringent controls, such as SMS or email alerts when specified thresholds are crossed and at certain intervals that you choose. Customers that use this facility have benefited from more cost savings and control over their mobile estate.

STEP 5 - A specialized account manager will be assigned to you who will actively advise you monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on your preference. The use of process and procedure will be encouraged, particularly with regard to roaming, where the pertinent add-ons will be reviewed, added, and monitored to ensure that spending is to a minimum. A trend audit and feedback session are part of reviews, and the account can be modified to reflect your most recent trends and needs.

Our Cash Advances & Discount Benefits